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Lisca is a synonym for optimal fitting, combined with modern feminine look, which can be romantic on one occasion, another time playful or even daring and seductive, but always with plenty of charm and style.

Lisca lingerie is designed for women, who know what they want from it. It is for women who want to enjoy wearing it and please themselves and others. Perfect fitting and excellent execution. Quality, also natural materials, comfort.

Up-to-date, sporty-elegant and feminine concept. Romantically feminine style for women, who know what they want. Lingerie for them is subtle accessory, which can positively influence their daily spirit.

Two seasons (spring/summer, autumn/winter), one time seasonal fashionable series, repeatable basic programmes with seasonal additioning of colours.
The Lisca brand is a synonym for originality of design, top-level quality of production, t ested fashion, a s well a s accessibility o f prices. I t is a fashionable and a very womanly brand of lingerie, swimwear and blouses.

The Cheek brand is designed for young women, knowledgeable in fashion, looking for multifunctional lingerie with characteristics of upper clothes, so it can be worn under upper clothes or as an upper garment itself.

We also have Comfortable underwear for men .Most wanted styles and colours
in natural fibres.