City of Belgrade

Category: Clothing
Phone: 064 64 30 479; 011 40 56 313
Shop: 133

The Fashion House LUNA was established in 1990 in Požarevac, and today, after more than a quarter of a century of successful business, it is one of the leaders in the textile industry of Serbia and the region – a company that has developed a stable business system with technologically equipped production facility of 3000m2 and a chain of its own shops and franchises. In the past six years, LUNA has tripled the number of its retail facilities across Serbia, and at the same time, introduced the brand to the EU markets. Numerous awards and recognitions speak of great commitment to customers and the development of the brand, but also about the company’s attitude towards employees, based on deep trust and socially responsible business.

It is about sophisticated business elegance, with no strict rules, with different cuts, of top-quality design devoted to every detail. Without much wandering in style, we offer our customers quality and comfortable women’s clothes, which they can combine in various occasions, but also seasons. However, this is not a limiting factor when creativity is concerned, as shown by a rich assortment of LUNA models, and some of them have become a trademark of our company and brand.

Spring and summer collections are always an association on fluffy dresses of lightweight materials, while the winter features are the famous LUNA coats of different cuts and patterns. Every season is followed by women’s sets, pants, blouses, skirts, raincoats, accessories, always in new style, with unavoidable comfort and quality.

LUNA creates models that follow the spirit and rhythm of a modern woman, her sensibility and her needs, and LUNA models are worn by self-confident ladies, aware of their quality, ladies who do not hide their femininity, but enjoy it!


            LUNA’s vision is that the first thought of every successful businesswoman of quality and comfortable clothes is the thought of – LUNA!