City of Belgrade

Category: Other
Phone: 0700 100 300
Shop: 019

In order to always be close to a large number of its customers, the Post of Serbia continuously expands the network of post offices, counters and widens the range of its products and services.

In accordance with contemporary needs and demands of consumers, the post office situated in the “BIG Fashion” Shopping Centre provides reliable, high-quality and affordable services. Here, customers can perform inpayments and outpayments, send or collect postal items, as well as purchase offered products –all in one place.

The post office in the “BIG Fashion” Shopping Centre also provides citizens with exchange operation services. Therefore, this post office performs the sale and purchase of effective foreign currency safely, at a favourable exchange rate and without commission.

The Post of Serbia is traditionally characterized by safety, precision and speed, while its business success is primarily reflected in creating new values, improving quality and accessibility of services.

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