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Premium brand Vitapur of innovative products for every home and comfort all made from high quality materials and user friendly.

Brand Hitex with 20 years of tradition, is known for its quality beds for a healthy and relaxing sleep. Mattresses and pillows are made with new and renowned materials, designed to enable the best body support. All mattresses are made in Slovenia.

Subbrand Vitapur Family offers a large variety of products for healthy and comfortable sleeping, products for modern kitchen, bathroom and decorative textile products for that personal touch in your interior.

In 2018, brand Svilanit celebrated the 80 years of existence and it is the jewel in our crown with exceptional breadth of assortment in the part of the bathroom and bed program (towels, duvets, bathrobes, bed linens …) intended for the widest population as well as for specialized buyers such as hotels, motels, hospitals, nursing homes, boarding houses, etc.

The kitchenware of Rosmarino brand provides a unique approach to preparing a meal, and to the perfection it coincides with the most natural way of cooking and baking in the home kitchen. With this dishes everything is faster, simpler and above all healthier – with very little fat! Advanced making technology of stainless steel, cast iron, with volcanic rock effect or mineral coating.

Scandinavia brand products are of high quality and very durable. Suitcases, travel bags and sports backpacks are designed for a long trip, one-day or multi-day excursions and for business trips. They are ideal for all generations, because they are extremely modern and practical.